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How to enter the real estate market of Goa?

Well, this is a question that we come across every day, individuals, investors and companies all over the world wish to invest in this small paradise called Goa.

However, the reality of entering this market is much more than just a simple process. For a state which is the smallest in India, it really made sure to stand out and never be left out of the limelight. The state is entirely covered with a coastal line on one end and is full of lush green cover as one goes inland.

Understanding the demand and supply of real estate in a small state like Goa, one may assume that it would be a simple process. However one truly needs deep knowledge to really predict the future of their investment in this state for it to actually be worth it. We have come across multiple individuals who have spent without even giving it a proper taught and are now facing the burden of losses due to poor choice of investment and are helpless.

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As the state reflects a certain sense of popularity and status, people tend to get carried away due to the same and without actually analyzing the future of their investment dive head first and regret the same. Several have lost all their money and precious time as they have been fraudulently pulled into the real estate market by the wrong people.

Now, let's skip the pep talk and get directly to the main topic.

Do you wish to enter the real estate industry of Goa, well this is an article to really make sure your mind is on track and not taking this jokingly. To begin with, directly get a pen and paper-sit down - jot down every last aspect of what you intend on doing with your investment in Goa and your expectations from the same, also be honest about how much knowledge you have of the market (this knowledge should not just be from a broker/agent because they have a personal gain, irrespective of how good they are). Hence stop beating around the bush and get your homework done on real estate in Goa. Don't blindly keep faith in that one agent you came across on Facebook (a person you barely know) and then be surprised when you get duped.

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The old times

Having said that I will continue by saying that "at the end of the day if you wanna protect yourself only you can fight for yourself, likewise if you want to safeguard your money only you can do it."

In simple entering the Goan real estate market can be smooth, only if you are willing to put in the effort. When making a list of your expectations and drawing a line between what you understand and what you don't about the market here be honest and not just optimistic based on assumptions, these are the first steps that one takes to reach their dream of owning a piece of Goa. "Don't" I will repeat myself again "Don't" enter the real estate market with a wide mind open to look at anything and everything possible that is in the market. You will not only waste your time in such an approach but you will also get overwhelmed and might end up costing someone else their time. Know what interests you and what excites you, don't just go strolling into the industry just because your family, friends or associates have. Don't get me wrong our state is serene and peaceful but play your cards wrong and you will see your money disappear in the same beautiful state.

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The legal process of entering the real estate market is frankly very simple, any government platform will guide you on how to purchase land in Goa, however, it will only show the legal aspects without a touch of "Reality". The government site will not help you understand the future of your property, it will not know your intention for your property nor will it ensure the safety of your investment given the number of fraudulent factors that exist currently in it. If a single website could make life easier then going to Moon would also be really easy - "make a ship fly to the moon"- simple isn't it?

Hope you understand and get the idea. Know what you want and what you are getting into. The main aim of this article was to wake you up and get you on your A-game before you enter the market. So what are you waiting for get the pen and paper-write down your future and come down to Goa where opportunities await.

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